In the 19th Century Great Grandma Louisa began pickling. Louisa created crisp sweet pickles – the recipe for which has been passed down the generations and is now Windy Mills ®. All pickles have a sweet but punchy flavour 

Pickles "Just Like Your Mum Used to Make"

"Hi Windy - Simply I would like to congratulate you on your chilli pickled onions these are something else. Over the years I've tried various makes and always been a disappointment after buying something on the jar hot and spicy..... so  yours are now the bench mark. For ages the favourite in the house was Barry Normans but these are a second choice now and yours are such a local find too!"

JE Great Missenden

Pickled Onions


Sweet Punchy and always Crisp and Crunchy.  Onions are peeled by hand and immediately pickled to ensure freshness and a long crunchy life.

Pickled Onions

With Chilli

Touch of Chilli to add some extra bite.

Pickled Eggs

Rich and Sweet

Great with salad or a glass of wine or beer.  Crush in a packet of crisps!!

Pickled Eggs

Rich and Sweet

The Big Jar - Half Gallon for all the family.

Pickled Beetroot

Sweet Fresh Flavour

Lovely with Salad and Cheeses

Pickled Chilli

Sweet and Crunchy

With salad Pasta or a glass of Beer or Wine

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