In the 19th Century Great Grandma Louisa began pickling. Louisa created crisp sweet pickles – the recipe for which has been passed down the generations and is now Windy Mills ®. All pickles have a sweet but punchy flavour 

Windy Mills at the Crafty Tap Marlow ...............................

Enjoy Pickleback Shots Pickled Onions Eggs and Chilli in Marlows favourite bar

Windy's winning streak continues with 3rd place of 64 entrants in the Dog and Bell East London Pickle Festival. Patrons do blind tasting of the Pickles and vote at the end of the evening. This win is hot on the heels of 1st prize at the Windsor Summer Fare. As Windy says "the great British public desrves a decent pickle" and customers respond "just like my mum used to make"

Pickles "Just Like Your Mum Used to Make"

"Hi Windy - Simply I would like to congratulate you on your chilli pickled onions these are something else. Over the years I've tried various makes and always been a disappointment after buying something on the jar hot and spicy..... so  yours are now the bench mark. For ages the favourite in the house was Barry Normans but these are a second choice now and yours are such a local find too!"

JE Great Missenden

Pickled Onions


Sweet Punchy and always Crisp and Crunchy.  Onions are peeled by hand and immediately pickled to ensure freshness and a long crunchy life.

Pickled Onions

With Chilli

Touch of Chilli to add some extra bite.

Pickled Eggs

Rich and Sweet

Great with salad or a glass of wine or beer.  Crush in a packet of crisps!!

Pickled Beetroot

Sweet Fresh Flavour

Lovely with Salad and Cheeses

Pickled Chilli

Sweet and Crunchy

With salad Pasta or a glass of Beer or Wine

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Based in Marlow Bucks

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