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  • Mike Hunt (Wednesday, November 13 19 01:14 pm GMT)

    Cracking pickles, simply the best, Can't praise highly enough, literally the reason I get out of bed.

  • John E, Gt Missenden, Bucks. (Tuesday, February 06 18 07:31 pm GMT)

    Looking for the best...So you like pickled onions and you're always on the look out for something decent with a kick. Along come Windy Mills Pickled chilli onions ....I can't praise these enough and I love them these are my bench mark now to beat and not for the faint hearted too ....these are the best so ENJOY !!!

  • Marcus (Tuesday, October 31 17 06:29 pm GMT)

    Absolutely love the pickled chillies!

  • Andy Bruce (Saturday, September 02 17 10:42 am BST)

    Best pickled products on the market!

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